Stop Global Warming

It's getting hot in here and the effects of global warming is getting prevalent around the world. Time to take action and stop it!

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Save The Earth

If we hold hand together to save the earth, we can achieve this goal and have a better environment for our future children and grand children.

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Be Inspired

Be inspire to reconnect with nature again by reading our articles and blog posts. Our nature need us now more than ever.

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Trees Help Reduce Climate Change And Stop Global Warming

It’s a lesson that we all our taught to even when we are just little ones. Plants and tress help reduce climate change and stop global warming. This is possible through the natural process of photosynthesis where plants and trees absorb CO2 and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen. We should plant new trees from time to time as younger plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide quickly while they are growing as the tree ages a steady state is eventually reached, and at this point the amount of carbon absorbed through photosynthesis is similar to that lost through respiration and decay.

So whether you are planting trees at your home or property, in your community or in national forests, you are helping stop global warming. There are many ways where you can help plants and trees production. There’s really no reason why you should not.

– If you have your own lot for example, then you can landscape a garden or plant your own trees in your yard.
– If you dont have a lot for gardening, then you can still build a hydroponics system
– If you dont have time to build a garden or to plant a tree, you can simply adopt a tree or make tree donations.
There are many organizations who need your help.

Organizations who have contributed or helped with this sites up bringing:

green peace

stop global
Stop Global Warming
15332 Antioch Street #168
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

hps grow light store
(626)863 7344
13290 Daum Dr
City of Industry, CA 91746

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The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Among the massive problems that the entire world is currently dealing with is global warming. The effects are so frightening and is now prevalent enough for the whole world to see. Still people are keeping a blind eye about it and not caring about the environment. If we dont take action now, there will come a time that we will not have a world to live in. Just check out these frightening effects of global warming that is happening right now.

Arctic Ice Cap

This NASA photo shows that the ice cap is constantly getting smaller in size due to rising global temperatures. Experts predict that summer ice in the Arctic will be a memory in 20 years. Marine species that depend on the ice will just disappear.

global1 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Hard Rain

Wetter regions will be subject to heavier and prolonged rainfall while dry regions will get dryer and dryer.

global2 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Dry River Bed

Rivers drying up will affect their biodiversity. This will have severe economic consequences where livelihoods depend on rivers.

global3 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Stronger Hurricanes

The National Geographic states that continuing rising temperatures will contribute to many more devastating hurricanes like Katrina. This one ended 1,800 lives and caused damage estimated at $125 billion.

global4 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Forest Fires

Forest fire seasons may become longer in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and elsewhere. There is a possibility that eight times more land may be destroyed by 2100.

global5 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Infectious Diseases
Infectious diseases flourish with climate change. The mosquitoes of today are already more powerful than ever.

global6 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Water Shortages

More and more people will be desperate for water as it becomes scarcer.

global7 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Food Will Run Out

Supplies of wheat and maize are already slowing down and, as a result, becoming more expensive.

global8 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Animals Will Get Smaller

Studies show that animals, such as polar bears, are now smaller as a result of more carbon dioxide in the air.

global9 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

Heat Waves Will Kill

Prolonged heat waves are set to become more frequent. The 2003 heat wave in Europe is known to have caused 70,000 deaths.

global10 The Frightening Effects Of Global Warming

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An Inconvenient Truth Now Conveniently In Youtube

One of the most meaningful and best movie I’ve ever seen is now in Youtube. No It’s not The Dark Knight, it’s not Man of Steel or Avengers either. It is the Inconvenient Truth. An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 Academy Award winning documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim about former United States Vice President Al Gore’s campaign to educate citizens about global warming.

If you havent watch this very inspiring film, then it is time to watch it through Youtube. The inconvenience truth is conveniently in nine 10-minute parts in Youtube now distributed freely to 20 million unique users per month all around the globe. We do hope that Youtube’s power will help spread the word about this very powerful video. Search it up in youtube and enjoy! In the meantime, here is the trailer or the movie.

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We Are Losing Touch With Nature, Time To Come Back

Hello and welcome to This blog is established to inspire people to reconnect with nature so we can all help each other stop global warming. The global warming problem is getting more and more serious as days past, it is time for us to do action or they will come a time that we will not have a place to live in.

It fear us that nowadays, many of us are far concentrated on high tech gadgets, on our careers, on the online world and many other things that we are already losing touch with nature. Not only do we spend less time outdoors, but we are actually changing the fabric of our cities as we build bigger houses and taller buildings. We are also cutting out trees for real estate places or industrial offices.

This loss of connection with mother nature have long term implications in all aspects of our lives.

Take your health for example. A recent survey made by the University of Queensland have found that people who are more connected to nature are far more likely to gain the best physical health. Those who are stuck in their own homes in front of their computer tend to be prone to sickness. Those who are also connected to nature then to have the better mental health. This is because the calmness of nature helps clear their mind from stress as well as the daily toxins that our body is getting.

Helping people to build a connection to nature could provide a cost-effective way to both improve people’s lives and enhance the health of all while at the same time preserving our earth. So stick with us here at, also spread the word to your friends and families, and let us all help stop global warming and help make the world a better place!

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